Provisioning System

Activation system provides automated activation process and service management to customers on the equipment and external information systems.


The customer receives:

  • The activation of the service in the shortest period of time possible (minutes)
  • Deactivation of the service in the shortest time, prompt release of resources
  • A single script to connect subscribers, which applies to all instances of the service
  • Collection and control of the relevance and validity of hardware configurations
  • Reduction of errors when activating subscribers’ services through the use of common templates configurations. Reduced operating costs
  • Reduction of the fraud risk by restricting access to equipment and monitoring the application configuration
  • The ability to make modifications to the configuration templates, scripts, and business-process activation service that allows the customer to independently handle the new types of equipment and to automate the activation of the new services.


  • Activating services on the network devices and CPE – to add, modify, delete, lock, unlock services subscribers
  • Geting information on resources and services from external systems (API)
  • Sending service information on the results of changes to service configurations to the external systems via API
  • The correct configuration rollback in case of an error in the process of activation of service
  • Monitoring the process of changing the hardware configurations
  • Logging operations in the reconfiguration of services, history scripting
  • The ability to edit the templates, scripts, and business processes
  • Supports a hierarchical inheritance of interaction with equipment

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