• The study of the actual state of data collection, documentation of the constituent elements, and circuit diagrams, the study and documentation of existing processes, etc.
  • Comparison with international and/or generally accepted standards.
  • Identification of "weak" places, the critical points of vulnerabilities.
  • Formation of recommendations for development, both in general terms and in the form of a detailed plan.
  • Prepare a list of requirements for future implementation.
  • Develop architectural schemes (HLD, LLD, UML diagrams).
  • Develop deployment schema (deployment).
  • Prepared according to the specifications.
  • Preparing project documentation.
  • Prepared a detailed list of the work to develop and implement
  • Develop a document migration plan (NMP).
  • Develop a document acceptance testing program.
  • Fixing the specifications supplied software.
  • The development of the software is done through the design of services.
  • Fixing the supply circuit, that is, time and place of delivery, the principles documenting, the cost to the client, etc.
  • All the tasks related to the conduct of delivery software to the customer, including vendor payment issues, customs clearance, taxation, logistics management, execution of documents confirming delivery.
  • The transfer of all rights to the developed system, the use of the license.
  • Alignment and fixing of work conditions.
  • Implementation. Software hosted on servers, connected in accordance with the workload, it is executed Primary configuration, verification of interaction with other elements such as it is monitored and controlled remotely, etc.
  • Verification of the implementation of works. Completed work is required to should be checked, inspection results were recorded.
  • Making the confirmation provided by the service.

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