Billing System

An example of the development of the billing system for Telco. Billing System is the heart of any telecommunication company, and we made this heart beat. Billing System has been developed in order to solve typical tasks of telecommunication companies: accounting, charging, service fulfillment and collection. And, as a result, to satisfy your customers and to make a good business. Billing System is the convergent multiservice enterprise level high load billing system for internet service providers and TV providers.


  • Billing and Service Management
    Charge Processing
    Charging of services consumed by customer. Supported modes: post-paid and pre-paid. Billing period: daily, monthly, annually, one-time fee.
  • Service Management
    Management of services depends on balance and any other conditions. The common statuses: active, voluntary suspended, involuntary suspended, blocked, churn etc. Tariff matrix management, bundling, detailed properties for every tariff. Setting up of customer lifecycle for each service and category of subscribers. Tune-up promo period, retention options etc.
  • Invoice Generator and Sender
    Generation of invoices for all or part of subscribers. Set-up algorithm of invoice calculation rules (pre-payment, post-payment). Charges predication option. Development of custom invoice templates. Output format – PDF, merged by preconfigured groups. PDF invoice sender via e-mail, SMS-invoice sender.
  • Payment Processing
    Online payment processing
    API server interface (SOAP) for external online payment systems and banks. Provides transactions immediately. Ensures secure data transfer with authorization check for every transaction and encoded protocol.
  • Offline payment processing
    Upload of files with payments list in case of absence direct integration through online protocol. Single payments processing.
  • Payment Verification
    Range of tools in order to confirm payments in the billing system with real money on bank accounts of the company. Financial controlling function.

  • Provision and Fulfillment
    Broadband Internet Provision
    Provision of Internet services for subscribers. Available actions: blocking and unblocking, speed adjustment, traffic limitation, setting customized Internet profile etc. System has been successfully launched and still in operation for different technologies (Ethernet, DOCSIS), different authorization options (IPoE, PPoE) and different customer identification options (by CPE MAC address, ethernet port, account). The system is able to customize to the provider’s infrastructure. Very flexible settings of traffic calculations and charges: by days, by time, by direction/type etc. Supported protocols of integration with Network Management System (or Network Execution System): file-based, SOAP, REST.
  • TV Service Provision
    Provision of digital TV services for most of technologies DVB-x and CAS such as Conax, Irdeto. Support of OTT or IPTV provision with different middlewares and DRM systems. Options of service management: predicted packages, a-la-carte channels and channel packages, additional services (catch-up, VOD etc.). Transaction VOD (buy content via TV) is also supported.
  • CPE Management
    Item-based accounting of Customer Premises Equipment via global directory (pool) of equipment. There are history of usage, statuses, and movements among warehouses for every item. Special front-end for CPE management. Ready for integration with external inventory system.
  • Network Topology Management
    Advanced functionality of network topology management for Ethernet network and Cable TV network infrastructure.


System of storing and management of Ethernet network infrastructure with drill down to every switch and port. There is full stack of required attributes of switches: MAC, IP, hostname, S/N, Vendor and model, SNMP community, telnet account, physical location, inventory state, monitoring option, network role, firmware etc. Flexible mechanism of topology building. Supported topology: tree, ring, star or mix of them. There is a functionality of group import of switches into directory.


Storing and management of cable network for mentioned or similar technologies. Accounting of each node of the network (from Head-End to End-User access point). There is a visualized front-end for the whole network with cascade structure. Linking of network nodes to physical location and subscribers.
Detailed and customized reports are available as well.
Flexible settings of user’s permissions inside these modules.
Integration with Network Monitoring System is available.

Data Export

Reporting Module

Built-in reporting module, which allows configuring any kind of custom report, based on data in billing system. Supported source code: SQL and PL/SQL pipeline functions (for complicated calculations, temporary tables usage, procedural execution etc.). External sources via Oracle DB links are also supported. Flexible types of report filters: date, number, string, combo-box with cascade selection, multiple selection. Default filters values are supported. Output file format: archived (zipped) XLS, archived (zipped) CSV, web-interface. Output file contains generation date and time and used filter values.

Other features

  • History of report generation (incl. author, time, filter values, generated file)
  • Grouping reports with access limitation with user permissions
  • Ordering reports in group according to the usage
  • Limitation of quantity of simultaneously runner reports (for every report)
  • DB interfaces

All services and integration options of Oracle Enterprise DB 11g are supported.

  • Integration Services (API module)
  • Notifications (E-Mail, Send Message Service, Customized Notification Channel)
  • Administrative Tools (Administrative Front-End, System Dictionaries, User Action Logger & Monitoring, Application Server Management)

Business Support System

Clients need to achieve the highest levels of adaptability, speed and efficiency to address the challenges of digital transformation. SourceX BSS portfolio streamlines technology, processes and organizations to consolidate and evolve operator BSS and enable new business models. With the Customer Experience Management capabilities of SourceX we enable you to provide a better experience for your customers with self-service, higher service quality, reduction of request handling time.

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