Customer Service Management

CRM system is needed to increase sales, to improve customer service through storing information about subscribers and the history of relations with them, optimization of business processes of interaction with subscribers, and subsequent analysis of the results.


  • A single customer profile information
  • Support of various channels of interaction with the customer
  • Flexible tools for import of customer data and services from external systems (billing systems)
  • Flexible adjustment mechanism for registering and processing complaints
  • Built-in tools of business process management (BPM)
  • Tools for customer contact
  • The presence of a unified database of products and services provided by
  • Increase of the percentage of loyal customers


  • Manage clients and their products
  • Manage customer segmentation
  • Manage contacts
  • Management of interaction with customers
  • Manage applications for connection services

  • Manage sms and email-newsletters
  • Tools integration with external systems: data sources
  • Business Process Configurator
  • Generate reports

Business Support System

Clients need to achieve the highest levels of adaptability, speed and efficiency to address the challenges of digital transformation. SourceX BSS portfolio streamlines technology, processes and organizations to consolidate and evolve operator BSS and enable new business models. With the Customer Experience Management capabilities of SourceX we enable you to provide a better experience for your customers with self-service, higher service quality, reduction of request handling time.

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