Fault Management System

Fault Management System delivers near real-time, consolidated event management across business infrastructure, data centers, complex networks and IT domains. The software provides full management and automation to help you deliver continuous uptime of business services and applications.


  • Determination of emergency situations in real time mode.
  • Automatic classification and prioritization of messages.
  • Accelerating the identification and resolution of problems.
  • Improving operational efficiency.
  • Control of key indicators of network operation infrastructure and services.


  • Monitoring devices and applications (active and passive).
  • Control of deterioration in the quality of services provided.
  • Centralized Message Console.
  • Enrichment and correlation of alarm messages.
  • Automatic classification and pyritization of messages.
  • Search for the root cause of the accident (RCA).

Operational Support Platform

SourceX OSS Platform - is a complete OSS component suite that helps you increase profitability, operational efficiency and enable growth by automating day-to-day processes and tasks. The component suite is flexible and its capabilities and add-ons can complement, or interface with, your existing systems as required, or be deployed as a complete turnkey solution depending on your needs and future plans.

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