Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the landscapes of consumer and industrial markets: customers expect greater value for their money, manufacturers rearrange their supply chains to incorporate a new technology stack into their products, and the definition of product itself loosens its rigid boundaries. This occurs as the market shifts from discrete, isolated products toward compound systems that link together the related products in a way that amplifies their total worth and usefulness. Software and connectivity components are becoming part and parcel of high-quality household appliances, electronic devices, and measuring tools.

We’ve been engaged in the development of numerous variations of IoT solutions and smart, connected products. To highlight our major directions: IoT embedded firmware and OS development, IoT application middleware, software development for smart products, hardware design, digital signal processing, data gathering and analysis algorithms, security and machine learning. SourceX leverages its extensive multi-disciplinary knowledge of networking to develop comprehensive IoT solutions to companies in the following technology areas:

  • IoT Technological Consulting
  • Configuration processes and controls
  • Billing model development
  • IoT configuration, in-field configuration
  • IoT Security
  • User experience design & development
  • Embedded operating systems and firmware for smart products
  • Drivers and connectivity components for smart products
  • IoT applications on top of wearable devices and consumer electronics
  • Smart products integration
  • IoT-powered big data analytics
  • Setting up IoT infrastructure for data collection and analysis
  • IoT applications / firmware that enables structured and secure data collection
  • Relevant, IoT-driven data mining and business intelligence tools
  • IoT application firmware that enables unified administration over IoT networks
  • IoT infrastructure integration
  • IoT application development services
  • Machine learning models and algorithms
  • Optimization of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms


  • New sources of revenue
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced and new experiences
  • Business process optimization
  • Improved manufacturing

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