Operational Management of Mobile Teams

System for the automation of resource control and management processes of the company, as well as to create conditions for optimization of the divisions of the company subsidiaries are engaged in repair work and service


  • Effective resource management (mobile teams, vehicles, etc.) when performing emergency and planned work
  • Ability to control the process of providing the service
  • Minimize the “paper” transactions associated with the staff on site
  • Optimally choose teams based on the current load and the competence of the participants
  • Choose the optimal route for the keys based on arrival
  • Control of the cost of care facilities
  • Time Prediction eliminate accident
  • Operational control of SLA compliance to the client



  • Effective range of MB search criteria
  • Search / filtering and geo-positioning of objects and resources
  • Centralized Accounting specialization, availability, employment of engineers
  • Centralized registration keys, contracts, contacts Object
  • Information on the current status of work on accident

  • Mobile Client Availability
  • Integrated platform build reports
  • Display the Google Maps route [9] [10], the construction of trails (Open Source Routing Machine) OSRM
  • Accounting and choice of optimal resources to meet the dress
  • Flexible integration with other systems

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