Service Delivery Platform

Service delivery platforms (SDP) - a platform for IP access to the Internet services and provides RADIUS AAA and DHCP services for subscribers


  • United SDP platform to deliver ip-services
  • Performance of service subscriber sessions (> 2 million. Sessions per day,> 1 million instances of service (subscriber connections)).
  • Optimum utilization of ip-addresses by reducing the lease time to 2 hours.
  • Scalability and load balancing
  • DSL service provision, FTTB, VoIP, etc.


  • Office of the account settings and service profiles
  • Authentication and authorization of the account when prompted to provide IP-based services
  • Subscribers of Consumption Accounting (Accounting) services
  • Change of the service profile for the active sessions
  • Statistics for Tracking works of RADIUS servers
  • Maintain networks and IP-address pools
  • Maintaining DHCP groups. Allocation of IP-addresses from the pool of the corresponding group
  • Built-in subsystem monitoring, logging events. Sending alert in case the value of the controlled parameter-of-bounds
  • GUI interface
  • Ability to control the user access to system functions

Operational Support Platform

SourceX OSS Platform - is a complete OSS component suite that helps you increase profitability, operational efficiency and enable growth by automating day-to-day processes and tasks. The component suite is flexible and its capabilities and add-ons can complement, or interface with, your existing systems as required, or be deployed as a complete turnkey solution depending on your needs and future plans.

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