TroubleShooting Software

The system is intended for companies that provide telecoms services and that are interested in raising the efficiency with which they handle customer complaints related to problems that arise in connection with these services. The system's intended users are first-line support operators who receive customer complaints and carry out a preliminary analysis of the problem, and also second-line experts who carry out the specific technical tasks of localizing the issue and solving it.


  • The idea of the system incorporates the fundamental principles of step-by-step problem solution, which the operator can manage independently by using the system’s functions. In particular, the following problem-solving algorithm has been taken as a basis:
  • Identification of the problem, definition of the symptoms. The operator needs to find out more about the circumstances that gave rise to the problem, and to understand how the hardware and software are behaving.
  • Understanding the configuration. When analyzing the problem, the operator needs to understand what equipment is being used and what changes have been made to the setup recently, to see the customer’s problem history, and to understand the list of services that need to be provided to the customer. In this step, it should be possible to solve problems arising from attempts to use unsupported configurations, services, or functions.
  • Presence of a solution. With the majority of problems, the operator should receive a plan to solve the problem in a ready-to-go state based on the analysis carried out during the previous steps.
  • Carrying out the plan. On the basis of the pre-prepared stepwise scenario (the plan to eliminate the problem), the operator ‘leads’ the customer to a solution of the problem without involving technical experts.
  • Verifying the result.  The operator needs to make sure that the plan for solving the problem has led to a positive result.


  • Reduction of at least 10% in the time spent dealing with customers who contact first-line technical support.
  • Increase of at least 20% in the technical problems handled and solved by the first-line support.
  • Reduction in the number of service visits to customers by 10%.
  • Reduction in the number of repeat contacts to technical support by 10%.
  • Implementing the system leads to improved customer loyalty, which has to result in an expanded customer base and a reduction in spending on technical services.


Business Support System

Clients need to achieve the highest levels of adaptability, speed and efficiency to address the challenges of digital transformation. SourceX BSS portfolio streamlines technology, processes and organizations to consolidate and evolve operator BSS and enable new business models. With the Customer Experience Management capabilities of SourceX we enable you to provide a better experience for your customers with self-service, higher service quality, reduction of request handling time.

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