Way to increase customer satisfaction for Telecom & OTT


Customer Experience is a set of impressions that a client receives when interacting with a company that provides him with a service or supplies a product. Customer Experience management is most relevant for companies working with a mass consumer in a market with a high level of competition, such as Telecom, IPTV and OTT. And whether you work at market with high level of competition surely you search ways to increase customer satisfaction which leads to higher sales!

Various studies say that attention to Customer Experience leads to an increase in the level of customer loyalty, increases the amount of their spending on a favorite brand, serves to spread positive information about the company, which leads to an increase in the number of customers.

But the real world of Customer Experience for the biggest part of companies is something like customers are annoyed by long and complicated voice menus. Perhaps the structure seems to be optimal and convenient, but the client will not appreciate it. You are not called to hear “Welcome to our Supercompany, your call is very important for us, the operator will answer you in 10 minutes.”

We suppose that your customers are tired to hear and feel next:

  • Waiting on hold
  • Unlearned operators
  • Infinite redirects

So companies invest hundreds of thousands in automation of call centers and quality control systems to improve Customer Experience, but there are some other ways which are more sufficient and lead to lower Opex.

Exist various methods for measuring and managing customer loyalty, based on their satisfaction with customer experience.  Most used metrics are Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and CSAT (customer satisfaction score).

Imagine how you could increase NPS and CSAT via

  • Ready solution to fix
  • Reduction in the number of customers with an unacceptable fault-handling experience
  • Higher quality in escalations from the first line to the second line

Most widespread ways to improve customer satisfaction are Customer Service Management and Self-Care Portal. But a more comprehensive solution for this is TroubleShooting System.

What is TroubleShooting System in a few words?

The system is intended for companies that provide telecoms services and that are interested in raising the efficiency with which they handle customer complaints related to problems that arise in connection with these services.

The system’s intended users are first-line support operators who receive customer complaints and carry out a preliminary analysis of the problem, and also second-line experts who carry out the specific technical tasks of localizing the issue and solving it.

It does not matter what activities your contact center is engaged in receiving orders or registering service calls. In any case, all this is communication with customers, which means that all this is sales!

Read about TroubleShooting System functionality, benefits and SourceX cases to improve Customer Experience for Telecom in the next updates.

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